Observations:  So the big day came and we all started our field experience. When I was at River Springs, at first I was super nervous that i was going to mess something up or i wasn’t prepared for it. But luckily I was. When I am there I have to joy of teaching the fourth graders and third graders, and one lucky fifth grader. On my first day the fourth graders read me their play that made up one day when Mrs. Porter was not there. It was actually a really good play. Well written and put together. When I was in fourth grader i doubt i would be able to put anything like that together. When the third graders came in i first got a big hug from on the little kids, it was really sweet and i totally did not expect it since i was a stranger to him. With them we went to the book fair and they got to look at all the different books that would possibly want to read. On Thursday when i got to class the fourth graders were finishing up their pictures of their monsters so they could then describe them using big adjectives! They were all very creative with their words, all surprising me with the different adj. they came up with! When they left and third graders came in they started off my playing games then moved into two separate groups working on math and reading. I was helping one of the students with math and he was getting every single one right! Since he got all of them right we got to play a game of tic tac toe..he beat me!

Learning Experiences:

I learned more than i thought i would in my first two days on field experience. I learned how to deal with different situations whether it be the kids being afraid of you because it is their first time seeing this new strangers. I used the technique of asking each of them a question after they told me alittle about themselves. Most of my learning experince i  put up in the observations.

stories to share:

On Thursday when the fourth graders were getting ready to leave i went with one of the students to his class to visit my old swim coach. When I came back to the class the third graders were there and one of them was on google earth and he turned around to me and said, I’m in rockhill! What’s your address?. So I told him my address and he typed it in taking me to my virtual house. It was really neat to watch an 8 year old know how to navigate google earth. To this day I still get confused trying to figure it out. So it was really nice getting to watch a third grader excel at something so complicated an 18 year old girl about to go to college and barley handle. I’m super excited for this week because it is a three day week for me at the school!

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Read Alouds: I was absent on Friday.

Learning Experiences: This week we continued to present our lessons.  I really enjoyed doing that and it was a good learning experience. Seeing other people present their lessons was a good way to learn what to do as well as what not to do.  On Friday i was absent.

Quote: “Time’s are a changing” – anonymous.

Yay for change!! Our whole teacher cadet class is about to make a major change – going out to the field. changing is a necessary part of life and it can be really exciting. But on a bigger level, all of my fellow seniors lives are about to make a huge change! we’re all growing up and getting older and going to college is going to be a major adjustment. We’re closing the chapter on the last 12 years of our life, and preparing to write a whole new story:)

Current Events: According to my government teacher, Nikki Haley has to ability to pardon our makeup snow day in march! That’d be amazing, and we’d be able to have our three day weekend back:) i desperately need a break from school, and this bill that Nikki Haley passes will give that back to us.

Observations: I was absent on friday because i was visiting CofC. I am so excited to be there next year and getting to see all the college life made me realize that i need to step up my game on school and quit being slack!


It was a really good week for me. I had my second to last swim meet ever which was really awesome and sad all at the end time. And i finally found a roommate! which is really exciting. we have been talking about our room and what it will look like which is super exciting for me to think about!

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On MOnday Mrs. J read The Kissing Hand By Audrey Penn. It is a book about a mom helping her baby leave. It is a great book for us because we soon will be leaving home for college. This book is great to give to a parent who’s child is about to leave or to read to students that are about to go to college. It’s a way to connect love ones.

Current Event


This article is about Obama’s new budget for education. He plans on increasing the budget for public school funding. These steps to bettering education is a step in the right direction. In an economic crisis education seems to always take a major hit. I think it is the right way because Obama has always had a firm belief in bettering education and with his new bill, the steps are shown to look better.

Quote of the Week

“In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”-Al Rogers

In dealing with barriers we all have to deal with change and how we have handle the difference. I thought this was a good quote because it helps to show that some people can take change and make the best of it, and deal with the differences in their lives. While others dwell in the past trying to change their lives on what use to be.

Learning Experiences

Well on Friday we found out where we will be for the next couple of months in the FE. I am with Mrs. Porter at River Springs, teaching k5-3rd grade! I am super excited about that. After we learned that we then went on to teach our lessons. Me and Taylor did not do our lesson because we did not want to be the first ones to go. All the groups that went did a great job! We got to make butterflies, see frost form, sort different foods, and learn spanish. It was all very interesting, the different ways and assesments they gave.


This week was a kinda slow week, the only really cool thing this week was the weather, because it was like 100 degrees each day! It was very nice to deal with! But we also go our FE and I am glad i am at RSES because what I am going to help out with is actually what I did when i was in elem. school. So i think it will be a very cool experience! In the swimming world this week in the news paper they put out the boys swimmer of the years and all area team which was really exciting because NEXT WEEK THAT WILL BE MEEEE! so excited!


This week was a good week for Annie Suarez. I was able to compete in my last year CYSL Champ meet. I got a cool paper weight! YES what i always wanted, (not). Kinda disappionited they could have at least gotten pens or something. oh well beggers cant be choosers i guess.

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Senioritis growssss…


We didn’t have any read-alouds this week because we were too busy.

Learning Experiences

We had a catch up day going over our calendar for the quarter. Also talking about the field experiences.  We also spent a lot of time going over the details of field experience. On Thursday we had reading to read and worksheets to do that correlated with the reading. They were really easy and took up half the class. The other time we all just sat around talking about the job experiences we will ahve in the field.

Current Event:


This is about how nutrition plays a vital role in kids educational lives. It is important for kids to eat healthy to help with your school. Kids that are over weight are often made fun of at school which causes the kids to break down and not try.

Quote of the week:

“In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.”-Charlie Brown

This qoute is from Charlie Brown and it is sooo true! In life you can’t expect for everything to be handed to you all wrapped up in a little bow. You have to work for it, unless your a psychic, this you can probably find the answers in the back of the book. But most people aren’t. This goes along with school really well for kids, espically for those in high school about to go off the college. The wait for college letters is so dreadful!, and takes a long time. And there is no way to find the answer until the day it gets here. But if you try your hardest you can have more confidence in yourself.


This week it was spirit week so we all got to dress up which is a good way to help with school spirit and a good way to have a relaxing week. It was cool to get to see all the different things the different students dressed up as. Also in the swimming world we got to have a day off in honor of the lexington guys swim team because they were all recieving their state rings. It is a really cool thing to get to see becaue of all the progress they made through the years and finally winning state. AWESOME! back to dutch fork it was our last bball game of the season and the seniors last bball game EVER. Which is kinda sad because it is all about to be over. But it is a good thing because i am so excited for the people to be able to get to do all the things they want to do after highs chool.


im ready for field expereince to come because we have been building it up for the past uhhhh SIX MONTHS it is time to come so we can get out and see where we will be in five years. It is a good thing to be able to do.

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SC Swimming, OVER

Read Alouds:


Learning Experience:

This week in teacher cadet was full of learning experiences! on Monday we watched an episode of Supernanny. It was a really good show, but the kids were a little ridiculous. It was a great way to see how hurrying a child has an effect on their behavior. The kids were so bogged down with activities they had zero time to play, went to bed super late, and had awful behavior and manners. Their mom was too tired to discipline them because she spent all day driving them around and dealing with their spitting, hitting, whining, and yelling. Jo took out a lot of their activities and addressed the problem and saved their household:) On Wednesday we welcomed the new comer teacher cadets, which was alot of fun. On friday i was absent.

Current Event:


The article that i read was titled “After School Programs Prove Key to Closing Gaps”. When we had our discussion about the Hurried Child, one of the questions that came up was how to close the learning gap between certain children in elementary school. This article explains in depth that fun, afterschool programs foster community service and creativity and gets them excited about school.


“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron.” – Horace Mann

This quote is significant in meaning that if teachers are not teaching to inspire they are not doing a good job of helping students become passonate and their job with as helpful and hammering on cold iron. Not at all.


This weekend was my last south carolina state meet, which was really sad in the end because it shows me that senior year is going way to fast for my likings. Not only that we had Senior Recognition at the meet on Saturday night and most of us are going to different schools in the fall which is sad because we have all swam together for so long in south carolina swimming, and next year we will all be separated. It is very sad to think about. Also we did the new teacher cadets for next year which shows me how close the end of senior year is coming. I know i am repetitive in saying that but since i am a senior and it is not second semester, it is very scary to think about.


It was a good week for Annie Suarez. It was only a four day way and my last south carolina state meet which was very exciting and sad! i am glad that senior year is going so well!

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college life is right around the corner!

Read Alouds: none

Learning Experineces:

This week we had our preschool projects due and everyone did an awesome job on them! it was really cool to see how running a day care works. We also started working on hurried children, a book that we split up amongst ourselves getting ready for our super nanny episode. We also had a surprise guest from rolling readers. It was very cool to get to learn all the different ways of teaching and how to read to the kids.

Quote of the Week

Education should be exercise; it has become massage.  ~Martin H. Fischer

This quote is important because it shows that people are taking education for granted and are not fully using it to the advantage of exercising their mind. More and more people in todays society are taking education and using it as a privledge when it should be a mandatory thing. Like exercise, if you do not have an education you are hurting yourself and will eventually end up not how you want to be.

Current Event:

The College Board has announced they are redoing the college program.  College Board is now going to provide a specific curriculum for each AP class and emphasize the points that are most important.  It’s important because there are sometimes too much information to get into a high school learning day.



This weekend I got to live the college life and get to see how the students study and interact with one another. It was really eye opening because it shows me that college is a whole number world from high school. And it also didn’t help with the senioritis since i know that is where i’m gonna be next year. Which isn’t good IT NEEDS TO CHANGE.


It was a good productive week for me we got report cards back and im proud to announce that i have a 4.65 GPA, which is probably a record best for me. Next week hopefully we will have read alouds and get back on the schedule.

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And we thought the work load would die down…

 Read Alouds:

 This week we listened to Reach by Gloria Estafan and did Mad Libs for read alouds.  Reach was a good song because it helped us to see where we needed to go.  I thought it was a good relfection of goal setting and could be used possibly in a music class or for an inspiration poetry writing assignment.  Mad Libs are always fun and would be good in a study of parts of speech.  They could be given as an evaluation of what students have learned or be used as a fun Friday activity.  Students could write their own as a creative assignment and have a classmate fill them in.

Learning Experiences:

We started the week out by writing letters to ourselves as a way to start the new year! I think it will be interesting to read and see what all I’ve achieved in college next year. We also started working on making our pre-school. My group so far has done a very good job we each are doing something of our own and will bring it together to make one big master piece. I have also finished my project of my life line, and i think it has turned our very well.

Qoute of the week:

“This life is like a drop of water in a frying pan, snap of a finger and we got to start all over again”-Trevor Hall

Although this is not the general qoute we would use for our qoute of the week it was very inspiring to me because its so true. Trevor Hall’s lyrics are so true and apply to every day life. When i heard this in the song i just kept thinking it was soooo true. One day you could be on top of the world, but with one mistake, action or words it can all be taken away from you and you have to start all over again, building up everything you have lost. I think the same goes for school because one day you can be first in your class making great decisions and the next you are out doing something stupid. Like in the book Go Ask Alice she had everything and with one mistake it can all be gone. This would relate to being a teacher because everything you are doing is going to be watched by your boss and your students. It’s important to also because conscious of what you are doing.

Current Event:


This week it was found that thousands of birds and fish have been found dead in a certain radius of each other. This is very strange because noone knows how they are dying. There have been some allogations but none have been proven. The reason i chose this as the current event is because i think this would be a good topic for either a english class or science class. The science class could find research on why all the birds are dying and the english class could do a creative writing on why they think the birds and fish are dying.


One of my good friends that lives up in North Carolina was in a bad car accident, and when i heard about it I was devesated because right now he is in acoma and has some serious injuries. Every day i would check his facebook wall and talk to some of our other friends that live in his town and one his wall people wrote on it every day saying how they miss them and how they hope he gets better. Today is his birthday so i have been praying for him all day on his 18th birthday. It made me think of all the things that Dutch Fork has gone through and it’s sad to think that other schools around the country has to go through the same thing. Clay will always be in my prayers, along with his family.

At school this week though i noticed that everyone came back wearing there new items of clothing, and it was very interesting to see all the different things people had asked for for Christmas.


What a weeeeeek it has been. I am already sick of school, like every other senior and what to get out of high school! This week was an eye opener it that the work is not going to stop coming just because it is our year, our time. Its important that i keep my grades up and work hard for the next four months!

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