the week went slow, but surely was fun

Observations: This was an interesting week because my fourth graders were gone on a field trip one day so I got to just hang out with Mrs. Porter and be a teacher. The next class they talks ALLLLL about their field trip which was alot of fun to hear about, since they went to Charleston. I got to see how mrs. porter made the lesson about what they did. Write some sentences about their trip. It was really cool to watch.

Learning Expereince: Since they were on their field trip I got another day of being a teacher and working behind the desk. It was cool because I like doing all the artsy stuff, like decorating the bullentine board. I got to decorate the door with the spring decorations. And I got to grade some papers…yaaay! not

Reflections: This week was interesting because I got to be behind the deesk. It helped me because I got to learn more about being a teacher. I like it alot and it was great to get to learn all the things that they do when the kids aren’t there.

stories to share: On Thursday when the fourth graders were getting ready to leave i went with one of the students to his class to visit my old swim coach. When I came back to the class the third graders were there and one of them was on google earth and he turned around to me and said, I’m in rockhill! What’s your address?. So I told him my address and he typed it in taking me to my virtual house. It was really neat to watch an 8 year old know how to navigate google earth. To this day I still get confused trying to figure it out. So it was really nice getting to watch a third grader excel at something so complicated an 18 year old girl about to go to college and barley handle. I’m super excited for this week because it is a three day week for me at the school!


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