another great week of FE!!!!!!

Observations: This week we got a new student in the class! He is a fifth grader, and it really smart! I got to see how he interacts with all the new students and watch him with that. Another interaction i saw was how the kids interact with their friends because mrs. Porter let them have their friends come to lunch.  It was really cool to watch them interact with their friends.

Learning Expereince:  This week was my big lesson! I think it went really well. Everything went good! The kids knew what was happening and they were big helps into helping my grade! They did a really good job in helping to make my grade good! THANK YOU KIDS! I think i did a good job because I helped to interpret different ideas into by bringing in the SC history from information.

Reflections: I learned alot this week since it was my full lesson. The kids did a good job but there were some things that i could have made better. Like I could have sat in my chair longer and helped to let the kids focus more. Since they move so much in there chair i had to move too. So i learned about that to help do all that stuff, to make it flow easier.

Stories to Share: Now I just thought this was the cutest thing ever! One of the third graders comes in every day saying “HEY Mrs. Porter” and greets her with a big hug. When I started coming in he would do the exact same thing to be but would greet me saying “HEY Miss Roses!” and give me a big hug. When he first did it me and Mrs. Porter started laughing because it was just the cutest thing ever. Later on during the class he asked me a question saying Miss Squirrels. Which i thought was actually really interesting because if you look at the two they both sound like suarez in one way of another! It was the cutest thing i had ever seen!


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