loving FE:)


Soooo my FE has been going great. Mrs. Porter lets me do a lesson a day, most of them are in formal though. I have learned alot from her. Like it is okay to be goofy with the kids as long as they are getting their work done. It’s also a good thing to let them feel comfortable. Most of the kids in her class like to stand while they are doing school work to help them focus and get rid of some of that energy. SoI have leanred that you have to adjest to all the kids needs. Its real important. I also observed the kids fight some today,  over a chair. It is really important to them that they get to sit int he teacher chair. Mrs. Porter didn’t have any of that! She did not let that one fly by easily.

Learning Experience: Like I said above Mrs. Porter has been letting me do a lesson a day. I get to be the mean teacher that makes them read in the critical thinking book. THEY JUST LOVE THAT! sikkkke. They hate it. But we make it fun by letting them throw the ball around like popcorn reading. It is a good thing for that because it helps them to have a reason to listen.

Reflections: Overall this week was a good week for me in the teaching world. I learned a lot from the kids, probably more than they learned from me! HAH. The kids are just wonderful…i’m gonna be really sad when it all ends:(

Stories to Share: On Tuesday when the third graders were reading I was sitting in between two of them and one of them is only in there with us every once and awhile and why he was in there and Mrs. Porter was reading he was reading along with her not skipping a word! With him reading it the other two started reading not doing quite as much as him but were reading! It was really nice to see him read and by him reading all the words help the other two to read.


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