half days? why don’t we get half days!

Observations: So this week we only got to go out for one day of field experience with the kids, and the other was spent with our teacher. helping them out! On Tuesday I got to see the kids bring their friends to Mrs. Porter’s room for lunch! It was really nice to see because I got to see how the kids interact with other students in the building, and catch up on whats “in” in the elementary school. Justin Bieber..HOT in the fourth grade world. When it came to call work I got to see the third graders read a story about a dog, and that was really interesting to see. And then with the fourth graders I helped out a kid do math who is on a whole different plan than all the others. And while I was doing that the other fourth graders were reading a story then answering some questions that had to deal with the story. Over all I observed alot on Tuesday. On Thursday I got to see all the dirty work behind being a teacher, like cutting paper! And writing times tables! And covering boxes! Just kidding all of that stuff was actually kind of fun, I like doing all the little things in a class room to help make it look cute!

Learning Experience: Well like I said on Tuesday I had to help a student with some Math. He all together had a total of probably 20 math questions, split up into different categories. What would have taken most kids ten minutes took us about 25 minutes. It was kind of stressful to have to tell him to sit in his chair constantly, and say alright only 5 more! and so on for every question. Although when we reached the last one it was like he won the olympics! The whole class was cheering. It helped me to learn that some kids just need different approaches on different subjects and different prizes for each accomplishment.

Reflections: Overall this week was a good week for me in the teaching world. I learned a lot from the kids, probably more than they learned from me! HAH. But sadly, my last swim meet was this weekend. Very emotional swim meet that’s for sure. But at the meet I was watching the people swimming and all I could think was man, i wanna coach! So that’s what i’m gonna plan on doing while i’m in college or something, to help grow my teaching experiences with it.

Stories to Share: On Tuesday when the third graders were reading I was sitting in between two of them and one of them is only in there with us every once and awhile and why he was in there and Mrs. Porter was reading he was reading along with her not skipping a word! With him reading it the other two started reading not doing quite as much as him but were reading! It was really nice to see him read and by him reading all the words help the other two to read.


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One Response to half days? why don’t we get half days!

  1. Mrs Jackson says:

    Love your title, so here’s the answer – you don’t don’t get half days because you get delayed Wednesdays. They get half days because they pitched a fit about our delays and demanded equal treatment!

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