Miss. Roses + Miss Squirrels = Miss Suarez

Observations: So week two was grrrreat! We got to have three times in the class room which was fabulous, because i love the kids in my class. Mrs. Porter let me help the girls write their stories and through that I got to see who played what role in the class. One of the girls loves to write, even for the other people. And she took charge. Ironically, for me at first impression she is not the one i would have thought to of taken charge. It showed me that first impressions are not always accurate for teaching kids in the resource class. Another observations I made was when we were teaching the third graders. One of the third graders has a really short attention span so when we are reading a story I find him looking at the table or playing with anything he can get his hands on. It was really kinda cool because I would take the pencils away from him and a second later he would have another pencil in his hand and a big smile on his face. When i took all the pencils away from him he just simply put his head down. Mrs. Porter put a pencil on the table without him seeing it and literally seconds later the pencil was in his hand. It was quite interesting. And you just can’t get mad at him because he is simply adorable!

Learning Experience: Because of behavior problems we have a permanent guest in our class room who i actually think is a really good kid just sees life in a different way. I only got to see him for about 45 minutes on two of the days because Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Taylor switch throughout the day. Watching him interact with the other kids for me was a learning experience because you got to see how they handled him with some of the stuff he said and did. Of course one of the times when Mrs. Porter stepped out of the classroom he started throwing stuff at the kids. He wasn’t doing it to purposely hurt them, i think it was to be funny, or like all little boys do be immature. But I had to go over to the man cave and take what he was throwing from him and then after that things went back to normal, like it never happened. On a lighter note on Friday i got to do a one on one with one of the fourth graders and do a survey. It was cool to get to see what she likes to do in her spare time with reading and things like that. She has a hard time with writing and reading out loud because she spends alot of the time trying to understand what she is reading, and she is actually really good at that! So i made her write and read the questions out to me helping her with some of the words and encouraging her with her writing telling her she has really good hand writing. Giving her some confidence to boost her writing!

Reflections: So on Thursday we heard how there was not going to be school this friday and for me that just works out great in every aspect because i would not have been able to of gone to school or out in the field. So yay for me! This week was good for me to get to see how all the other students get to interact with each other, since last week they were a little scared of me. This week was good because they started to talk to me and come in with little stories to share.

Stories to Share: Now I just thought this was the cutest thing ever! One of the third graders comes in every day saying “HEY Mrs. Porter” and greets her with a big hug. When I started coming in he would do the exact same thing to be but would greet me saying “HEY Miss Roses!” and give me a big hug. When he first did it me and Mrs. Porter started laughing because it was just the cutest thing ever. Later on during the class he asked me a question saying Miss Squirrels. Which i thought was actually really interesting because if you look at the two they both sound like suarez in one way of another! It was the cutest thing i had ever seen!


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