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Observations:  So the big day came and we all started our field experience. When I was at River Springs, at first I was super nervous that i was going to mess something up or i wasn’t prepared for it. But luckily I was. When I am there I have to joy of teaching the fourth graders and third graders, and one lucky fifth grader. On my first day the fourth graders read me their play that made up one day when Mrs. Porter was not there. It was actually a really good play. Well written and put together. When I was in fourth grader i doubt i would be able to put anything like that together. When the third graders came in i first got a big hug from on the little kids, it was really sweet and i totally did not expect it since i was a stranger to him. With them we went to the book fair and they got to look at all the different books that would possibly want to read. On Thursday when i got to class the fourth graders were finishing up their pictures of their monsters so they could then describe them using big adjectives! They were all very creative with their words, all surprising me with the different adj. they came up with! When they left and third graders came in they started off my playing games then moved into two separate groups working on math and reading. I was helping one of the students with math and he was getting every single one right! Since he got all of them right we got to play a game of tic tac toe..he beat me!

Learning Experiences:

I learned more than i thought i would in my first two days on field experience. I learned how to deal with different situations whether it be the kids being afraid of you because it is their first time seeing this new strangers. I used the technique of asking each of them a question after they told me alittle about themselves. Most of my learning experince i  put up in the observations.

stories to share:

On Thursday when the fourth graders were getting ready to leave i went with one of the students to his class to visit my old swim coach. When I came back to the class the third graders were there and one of them was on google earth and he turned around to me and said, I’m in rockhill! What’s your address?. So I told him my address and he typed it in taking me to my virtual house. It was really neat to watch an 8 year old know how to navigate google earth. To this day I still get confused trying to figure it out. So it was really nice getting to watch a third grader excel at something so complicated an 18 year old girl about to go to college and barley handle. I’m super excited for this week because it is a three day week for me at the school!


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