Read Alouds: I was absent on Friday.

Learning Experiences: This week we continued to present our lessons.  I really enjoyed doing that and it was a good learning experience. Seeing other people present their lessons was a good way to learn what to do as well as what not to do.  On Friday i was absent.

Quote: “Time’s are a changing” – anonymous.

Yay for change!! Our whole teacher cadet class is about to make a major change – going out to the field. changing is a necessary part of life and it can be really exciting. But on a bigger level, all of my fellow seniors lives are about to make a huge change! we’re all growing up and getting older and going to college is going to be a major adjustment. We’re closing the chapter on the last 12 years of our life, and preparing to write a whole new story:)

Current Events: According to my government teacher, Nikki Haley has to ability to pardon our makeup snow day in march! That’d be amazing, and we’d be able to have our three day weekend back:) i desperately need a break from school, and this bill that Nikki Haley passes will give that back to us.

Observations: I was absent on friday because i was visiting CofC. I am so excited to be there next year and getting to see all the college life made me realize that i need to step up my game on school and quit being slack!


It was a really good week for me. I had my second to last swim meet ever which was really awesome and sad all at the end time. And i finally found a roommate! which is really exciting. we have been talking about our room and what it will look like which is super exciting for me to think about!


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