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Read Alouds:


Learning Experience:

This week in teacher cadet was full of learning experiences! on Monday we watched an episode of Supernanny. It was a really good show, but the kids were a little ridiculous. It was a great way to see how hurrying a child has an effect on their behavior. The kids were so bogged down with activities they had zero time to play, went to bed super late, and had awful behavior and manners. Their mom was too tired to discipline them because she spent all day driving them around and dealing with their spitting, hitting, whining, and yelling. Jo took out a lot of their activities and addressed the problem and saved their household:) On Wednesday we welcomed the new comer teacher cadets, which was alot of fun. On friday i was absent.

Current Event:

The article that i read was titled “After School Programs Prove Key to Closing Gaps”. When we had our discussion about the Hurried Child, one of the questions that came up was how to close the learning gap between certain children in elementary school. This article explains in depth that fun, afterschool programs foster community service and creativity and gets them excited about school.


“A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron.” – Horace Mann

This quote is significant in meaning that if teachers are not teaching to inspire they are not doing a good job of helping students become passonate and their job with as helpful and hammering on cold iron. Not at all.


This weekend was my last south carolina state meet, which was really sad in the end because it shows me that senior year is going way to fast for my likings. Not only that we had Senior Recognition at the meet on Saturday night and most of us are going to different schools in the fall which is sad because we have all swam together for so long in south carolina swimming, and next year we will all be separated. It is very sad to think about. Also we did the new teacher cadets for next year which shows me how close the end of senior year is coming. I know i am repetitive in saying that but since i am a senior and it is not second semester, it is very scary to think about.


It was a good week for Annie Suarez. It was only a four day way and my last south carolina state meet which was very exciting and sad! i am glad that senior year is going so well!


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