college life is right around the corner!

Read Alouds: none

Learning Experineces:

This week we had our preschool projects due and everyone did an awesome job on them! it was really cool to see how running a day care works. We also started working on hurried children, a book that we split up amongst ourselves getting ready for our super nanny episode. We also had a surprise guest from rolling readers. It was very cool to get to learn all the different ways of teaching and how to read to the kids.

Quote of the Week

Education should be exercise; it has become massage.  ~Martin H. Fischer

This quote is important because it shows that people are taking education for granted and are not fully using it to the advantage of exercising their mind. More and more people in todays society are taking education and using it as a privledge when it should be a mandatory thing. Like exercise, if you do not have an education you are hurting yourself and will eventually end up not how you want to be.

Current Event:

The College Board has announced they are redoing the college program.  College Board is now going to provide a specific curriculum for each AP class and emphasize the points that are most important.  It’s important because there are sometimes too much information to get into a high school learning day.


This weekend I got to live the college life and get to see how the students study and interact with one another. It was really eye opening because it shows me that college is a whole number world from high school. And it also didn’t help with the senioritis since i know that is where i’m gonna be next year. Which isn’t good IT NEEDS TO CHANGE.


It was a good productive week for me we got report cards back and im proud to announce that i have a 4.65 GPA, which is probably a record best for me. Next week hopefully we will have read alouds and get back on the schedule.


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