And we thought the work load would die down…

 Read Alouds:

 This week we listened to Reach by Gloria Estafan and did Mad Libs for read alouds.  Reach was a good song because it helped us to see where we needed to go.  I thought it was a good relfection of goal setting and could be used possibly in a music class or for an inspiration poetry writing assignment.  Mad Libs are always fun and would be good in a study of parts of speech.  They could be given as an evaluation of what students have learned or be used as a fun Friday activity.  Students could write their own as a creative assignment and have a classmate fill them in.

Learning Experiences:

We started the week out by writing letters to ourselves as a way to start the new year! I think it will be interesting to read and see what all I’ve achieved in college next year. We also started working on making our pre-school. My group so far has done a very good job we each are doing something of our own and will bring it together to make one big master piece. I have also finished my project of my life line, and i think it has turned our very well.

Qoute of the week:

“This life is like a drop of water in a frying pan, snap of a finger and we got to start all over again”-Trevor Hall

Although this is not the general qoute we would use for our qoute of the week it was very inspiring to me because its so true. Trevor Hall’s lyrics are so true and apply to every day life. When i heard this in the song i just kept thinking it was soooo true. One day you could be on top of the world, but with one mistake, action or words it can all be taken away from you and you have to start all over again, building up everything you have lost. I think the same goes for school because one day you can be first in your class making great decisions and the next you are out doing something stupid. Like in the book Go Ask Alice she had everything and with one mistake it can all be gone. This would relate to being a teacher because everything you are doing is going to be watched by your boss and your students. It’s important to also because conscious of what you are doing.

Current Event:

This week it was found that thousands of birds and fish have been found dead in a certain radius of each other. This is very strange because noone knows how they are dying. There have been some allogations but none have been proven. The reason i chose this as the current event is because i think this would be a good topic for either a english class or science class. The science class could find research on why all the birds are dying and the english class could do a creative writing on why they think the birds and fish are dying.


One of my good friends that lives up in North Carolina was in a bad car accident, and when i heard about it I was devesated because right now he is in acoma and has some serious injuries. Every day i would check his facebook wall and talk to some of our other friends that live in his town and one his wall people wrote on it every day saying how they miss them and how they hope he gets better. Today is his birthday so i have been praying for him all day on his 18th birthday. It made me think of all the things that Dutch Fork has gone through and it’s sad to think that other schools around the country has to go through the same thing. Clay will always be in my prayers, along with his family.

At school this week though i noticed that everyone came back wearing there new items of clothing, and it was very interesting to see all the different things people had asked for for Christmas.


What a weeeeeek it has been. I am already sick of school, like every other senior and what to get out of high school! This week was an eye opener it that the work is not going to stop coming just because it is our year, our time. Its important that i keep my grades up and work hard for the next four months!


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