If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Joffee Numeroff. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie would be great for a discussion of cause and effect. It could also be used to explain probability, for example, if you give a mouse a cookie, what are the chances he’ll ask for milk? It could be applied to economics to explain opportunity cost, for example, what could the mouse have done instead of getting milk?Hero by Enrique Iglesias:  I thoroughly enjoyed Lawrence’s signing of the song, Hero. It could be used in a music class, as students could present their favorite songs to the class. Students could discuss what it means to be a hero or write an essay on their hero. It could be used as inspiration for a day when kids write letters to our troops. Signing could lead to a discussion of body language and how symbols can be universal, breaking language barriers.  Yay, You! by Sandra Boynton:Yay, You! is a great self-esteem book and would be good for an elementary school graduation.

Learning Experiences: 

 This week in TC we worked on studying psychologists and the growth of a child.  We talked about the stages in which a child grows and factors that may inhibit that growth.  We watched a video on the brain and how it grows from childhood to adulthood and forms complex connections we do not yet understand. We got into groups and each group made a powerpoint to go with their psychologist. My group had Vygotsky. It was pretty interesting learning about him and what he does, and how it relates to every day life.

Current Events:

The goverenment is cutting all pays except for mailmen and military. They are making sure that noone is getting any more raises over the next couple of years if you work for the government. They are trying to cut down and help the US. I think it’s a good idea not to extend this towards military and mailmen because both are crucial. Military is volunteer and not being able to raise their pays would be bad and people would not want to join. Also with mailmen, since they are not in such high demand anymore it is helping them stay in business.

Qoute of the Week:

“So many rivers but they all reach the sea
They telling me he’s different but I just don’t believe it
Love is the glorious and everyone shall reach it
Who ever seeks it
Seen and unseen” – Trevor Hall
These are the wonderous lyrics of the great Trevor Hall. Over the past couple of months he has been my new obession so i figure it was about time I had a qoute of the week by him. His lyrics are always really good, and i can relate this one to school through the first line. When he is talking about the rivers it is very meaningful because it shows you that you can take many paths to get to your outcome in the end. This relates to teaching because it teaching there are many different paths to take to get to results and it is important that teachers don’t just think there is one way to do everything.
This week I observed alot of christmas lights! My neighborhood goes ALL out for christmas and almost every house has lights, blinking lights, snowman, music, reindeer, and etc. It’s really amazing how much stuff they have out. I think it’s important to have all the lights and to get in the spirit esp for parents because them it shows there children the Christmas spirit. Then on another note in the swimming world. We have a big meet coming up next weekend and the psych sheet is already out and I have been studying it to know where I need to be for it. THE MEET IS SO FAST! There are about 200 people in almost every event, which is alot for a sanctioned meet, which means championship meet. It makes me nervous for the meet because there are that many people, and im in the top quarter of the 200 but the fact that there are that many people makes it nerve wrecking because that is alot of people that could potentialy get ahead of you or beat your times. Hopefully all my hard work will pay off.
I’M GOING TO COLLEGE! Yesterday I got my USC and COFC acceptance letters and I could not be happier because even if i don’t get into the other schools i applied too, i know im going to college! And then on top of that I made it to the second round of Teaching Fellows, which is really exciting for me because I could use the money for my tutition and stuff, and then on top of that i want to be a teacher so badly! Like I couldnt imagine being anything else. Hopefully everyone else in our grade got the outcome they wanted with their college letters.

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