The Gift of Giving

read alouds:

this week we did not have a read aloud.

Learning Experience: This week we did the Families helping Families. On tuesday we got in our group and we discussed what all we were going to do for our people. My group was me, abby, lauren, brittany, and christie. We had the mom whose name was also annie! haha I think Mrs. Jackson did that on purpose since that is my name. We learned alot about helping families. And since we didn’t really do cirriculum it was more of a mental experience for each person and how each person handles with helping out families and what they get from the experience. It was a really rewarding experience for me personally because you get to help out a family that is less fortunate. Although they just may be opening toilet paper its the experience of having alot of stuff under the tree for the five kids, which will be the fun part of the whole expereince for the family.

Current Event:

So this is a local current event dealing with our school district, actually. Kim Murphy who was recently elected for the district school board tried to get the district to stpp there expansion of Chapin high school becaue of “wetlands.” They finally found out after spending money which could have been spent somewhere better for our district than hiring people to find something THAT WE ALREADY KNEW. Chapin high schools expansion will continue, no thanks to Kim Murphy.

Qoute of the Week:

“In the book of life, the answers aren’t in the back.”-Charlie Brown

This qoute is from Charlie Brown and it is sooo true! In life you can’t expect for everything to be handed to you all wrapped up in a little bow. You have to work for it, unless your a psychic, this you can probably find the answers in the back of the book. But most people aren’t. This goes along with school really well for kids, espically for those in high school about to go off the college. The wait for college letters is so dreadful!, and takes a long time. And there is no way to find the answer until the day it gets here. But if you try your hardest you can have more confidence in yourself.


So this week, like i said, we worked on the families helping families and it was really rewarding to get to have everyone in the class participate in helping a family less fortunate than us. The Christmas spirit was really brought out this week through wrapping presents, buying presents, and listening to christmas music. It was really rewarding to help people in need. And to take a complete 180 in swimming we have just started our tapper for our big christmas meet coming up in the next two weeks. And through that you get to really see how all the hard work is paying off from working so hard, pulling muscles and cracking heels pays off. By working hard for such a long time in the pool and out for this one meet is really rewarding becaue it shows that hardwork really does pay off. But we still have two weeks of tapering so its gonna be a good two weeks in swimming getting somewhat of a break and relaxing- while at the same time HOPEFULLY cutting our times.


This week overall was a good week. USC acceptance letters come out in the next two weeks which is really nerve wrecking because this will be my first official college letter. i learned alot this week about myself and others that i didn’t know, which was a really cool expereince.


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