Read Alouds:

The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper:

This book is good for a motivational class and could be applied to a motivational speech or lesson.  It could also be used to encourage a stressed out student that they can get through what’s making them crazy that week. Another good thing that it would be good for is to have a coach read it to his team because I know in swimming you get frustrated easily because you put so much effort into the sport and you might get discouraged. So if the coach read it, it would be good for a motivational speech.

Learning Experiences:

In TC this week we finished our barrier presentations and began presenting our young adult novels with the pop up PowerPoint.  We’ll be finishing them on Tuesday.  On wedesnday we took a test on barriers to learning and a woman from Newberry College came to speak to our class.  The woman that came basically wanted us to come to Newberry!… I was absent on class on Friday due to a field trip but next week we are going to finish our pop up powerpoints and the barrier books us and our partners made.

Current Event:

 Since we just finished special education I thought this would be a good current event because the author is telling us that the laws have met there purposes for the special education requirements, but now its time for them to be revised because they need to be more focused around the outcome of the child-longterm.

Qoute of the Week:

“If you are bored with life, if you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals.” — Lou Holtz

This quote is very inspiring to me because what Lou Holtz says is true. A person needs alot of goals because other wise what are you striving for? It’s important to have alot of goals because it helps make you grow as a person. Other wise you are probably not doing anything, active, educational, or even relationship wise. Everyone should have goals in their lives to which they want to work for.


So this week was a big week for Dutch Fork becaue there were SIX FIGHTS in ONE DAY!  That is alot of fights for one day espcially this close to Thanksgiving break. It shows you all the problems that people that in there schools or in there lives and if you push the wrong button it’s likely to explode in your face. Though the fights shouldn’t happen they probably all have a reason they started. Another amazing thing i saw this weekend was a girl at my swim meet with one leg. On her other leg she had a fake leg. I wanted to watch her swim just to see how it was because that is not something you see alot in the sport swimming. So I went and sat over next to my coaches and watched her swim. It was one of the most amazing things I saw because all I could think about was “she is not letting anything hold her back,” It was very inspiring because it showed that anyone can really do ANYTHING.


This week was a good week considering it was a four day week for me. Our foootball team lost, but we went out with a bang which was nice considering it was our senior year. School wise I had alot of test which were a pain because I know all the teachers just wanted to get in their test before the thanksgiving break. Hopefully our two day week next week is alot better!


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