7 practices a week is noones cup of tea.

Read Alouds:

 A Bad Case of the Stripes by David Shannon:  The book tells the story Camilla Cream, a girl like most others who cares what people think about her more than anything.  She becomes so self conscious of what others think that her skin starts changing colors to what people tell her to change to. This book is a good book for teachers to read to children who are most likely in middle school because that is where peer pressure occurs the most. This is a good book to help show you that you should be who you want to be and don’t worry too much about what others think. Since the book has such good illustrations it could also make for a good art lesson on drawing what you would like your skin to be.

Learning Experiences:

This week we gave our Barrier presentations and worked on our Barrier Books.  For our presentations, each group was assigned a barrier to learning to present to the class. We didn’t get to go through all the presentations but the ones that have gone have been good. It helped to show us barriers we should look for in our students and what precautions we should take towards those. Me and Madelin have to barrier of eating disorders and it was a good one to have to know what we should look for, or what we could look for in not only our students but our friends around us to help them. This week we also worked on our barrier books. Having the barrier of eating disorders was a hard one to have for writing the book for me. Because making something of such major impact on a persons life is hard to make into a children’s book. After finally a week of freaking out of what we should do for our book we finally thought of something that would make for a good book. hopefully our book turns out good and everyone likes it!

Qoute of the Week:

“Tommy Knotts doesn’t wear a watch, he decides what time it is.”

This week on facebook almost every Dutch Fork student had a quote that was about Tommy Knotts and how he is amazing. I figured for my quote this week I would use one of these because at Dutch Fork he has made a huge impact on our school and how everyone looks at us as a school. All the quotes ranged to show how amazing he is, and I think it is important that we should all feel the same, not about him but mostly about us. If we can have such confidence in a man that is merely our football coach, granted WE ARE AMAZING THIS YEAR!, we should also have the self confidence in ourselves that we are amazing people.

Current Event:


In this it is showing us how to make teachers better teachers. I think it would be very beneficial for all teachers to look at this to be able to see what the average person wouldn’t catch on it. When the teacher stops to tell the boys to stop with a very calm voice, its reassuring that teachers are trying their best to teach while teaching lessons as well. Its a good thing to read and i recommend it to every one!


This week in class we did barriers and it was really cool to see what every decided to do for their lessons and it made me think that there are SO many ways to teach people the point you want to get across.

As everyone knows I’m a swimmer. But what most people don’t know is I spend close to 13 hours swimming and 5 hours working out a week for swimming, and that’s not including swim meets on the weekend. This week we had our first Y meet at the YMCA and for the whole week we had to train and practice. Going to 7 practices a week is not everyones cup of tea, espcially not mine. But being 17 years old everyone should do stuff that they don’t want to do because it will help them in the long run. Swimming for the past ten years of my life has taught me more life lessons than you could imagine and at the meet on Saturday in became apparent to me how much swimming as impacted my life and the way I do things. Helping kids go to their evetns, helping the coaches and being with the family I have made through swimming is more than I could ever ask for. How much effort you put into your activities, school, or friends really shows through the results you get and you should never give less than 100% when doing stuff because it’s important to always give it your all and good will always come from it.


Round Two here we come! Brynes you’re next! The football games play a huge role in the fall season, espically since we are winning and I think it has shown through our players. The people who are playing and working as hard as they are working show the results that everyone wants to see, espicially the student section! The football team has brought the school spirit that was much needed for our senior year!


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