Read alouds: 

 I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words by Michael Frith-This was a good book talking about the different tricks you can teach your dog with a good rhyming scheme the whole time. This would be a good book to help teach a ryhming or how to count, since you are counting all the way to 100. Since everything deals with the number 100 it would also be a good book to use on the 100th day of school.

 Julius, Baby of The World byKevin Henkes: Even though it was really long, I was actually entertained the whole time. Since we are dealing with barriers this book was a really good book to help with that. I know when my two sisters were born it was hard adjusting from the only princess who everyone wanted to play with, to the one noone looked at because there was a new baby in the house. This would be a good book to read really in any elementary grade becaue during elementary school is when kids normally get new brothers or sisters. It would help them adjust.

Learning Experiences:

 This week we focused on barriers. On Wednesday we did a really fun, but insightful activity that had to do with labels. In my group I was labeled “slow learner.” When my group would talk to me they would say it slow and didn’t use big words or asked if I understood what we were talking about. It made me feel like I was stupid. The other labels in my group were critize, value, and hard of hearing. With the different labels we treated them very differently. With the value my ideas we made Crystal feel like everything she said was good and brillant. It was almost like we were downgrading everything she was saying because she didn’t know when we were being serious or not. With the critize, we did the opposite of what we did to Crystal. To Madison everything she said we made her feel like she was worthless. It was very sad because there are actually people who have to deal with that on a daily basis and they don’t know what thye do is good or bad. It’s very eye opening to find out what people have to deal with and what they don’t have to deal with. Off of that lesson each of us got assigned to a barrier. Me and Madelin got eating disorder and that is also very eye opening to learn more about the different disorders and how they become so servere. It’s very hard to try and write a book about eating disorders because its such a touchy subject to some people.

Quote of the Week:

“In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”-Al Rogers

In dealing with barriers we all have to deal with change and how we have handle the difference. I thought this was a good quote because it helps to show that some people can take change and make the best of it, and deal with the differences in their lives. While others dwell in the past trying to change their lives on what use to be.

Current Event:

This is the story that we watched in class about the Powell Cheerleaders. And this really just touched my heart. Having been to Jamaica dealing with kids with special needs and having them change the way you see everything it just brought back all those memories and that people are paying it forward to help others. Having the special needs part of the cheerleading squad for the games is very unique and helps make them feel like normal people, doing normal things. This also reminded me so much of Spring Valley High School. There on their swim team they have kids with down syndrome swimming actual events with the team. It’s very heart warming to see because they always have a smile on their face.


This week was spirit week and all the people in the school dressed up for the different occasions and showed their school spirit. Through all the school spirit it helps to show people that they care about the school they are in or even that they just want to participate, whichs shows you  more about the person dressing up. On Friday our school BEAT IRMO and became REGION CHAMPS. It was honestly the icing on a chocolate cake of my senior year. That game almost reflects how my senior is going so far. Some things are easy, while we may fall behind, by two touch downs, I always get over the tough roads and make it to a victory. Whether its dealing with school, swimming, family, or friends everyone will always find a way to deal with the things in their lives, and make the best of it.


This Tuesday was the day for voting and not only did we get the day off of school but we also got to find out who will be runing our state. It was very interesting seeing and hearing others opinions on who they think will be running our state and why they should. If only I was 18 my opinon should have been showed through a vote.


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