being sick ruins the weekend

Read Aloud:

 A Light in the Attic By Shel Silverstein:  Shel Silverstein is such an entertaining writer. This would be great for poetry lessons in the classroom. Also, it could be used for art since it describes many bizarre and unique situations. This is a great book to let children’s imaginations run wild! Picky Mrs. Pickle: By Christine M. Schneider. In the classroom you could use this for a way to steer children away from being picky eaters. Also, you could use it for a writing lesson where the write about their favorite food or favorite color.

Learning Experiences:

On Monday we watched an episode of Oprah about autism. It was really touching and made me a lot more aware of the difficulties of not only people with disabilities but their family members too and how it effects them. It not only puts stress on their lives but makes them more aware and gives them joy on the littlest things. On Wednesday, we “tried on a disability,” which was actually a lot of fun. It was a great way to learn about a variety of disabilities. The physical disabilities were pretty fun, like the neck brace and crutches, but I of course would not want to have to deal with that all the time.  The learning disabilities were more difficult, especially the hearing impairment. It would be so frustrating to not be able to understand what you’re hearing ever. My time with the trying on disabilites was cut short because I had to go give blood!

Current Event

This was really sad to me and somewhat makes me mad because i cant stand it when people have to bully each other. It’s just sad to see it happening and first of all someone needs to help to person who obviously has something going on in their life to cause them to bully and second they need to respect the other person.


A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron. – Horace Mann

 This quote is so true because if all the teacher is doing is teaching the information without inspiring the children or without looking excited they aren’t going to be excited for it either. It is really important for teachers to make the kids interested in the topic and information.


This week I attempted to give blood but they wouldnt let me because my blood iron was really low. I was sad that I wasnt allowed to give blood. But thats on a lighter note. On a heavier note one of the kids on my swim team has mutliple different learning disabilites, but is one of the sweetest kids and hardest workers. When we were sitting in the lobby of the YMCA waitng for practice to start a kid asked him why he doesn’t have any homework ever? And Michael’s response was “I do it in my retard class.” When he said that my heart almost broke because if he thinks of it as a retard class then what do all the other kids think about it? Society shouldn’t use words like that to describe people who have problems. Because even though Michael has problems I know he is the hardest worker I have ever met and is the swim team clown because he makes jokes and tells stories all the time. I just think society now a days is sad when it comes to deals with situations such as these.


This week was a good week we got back our report cards and senior supperlatives. All my grades were fantastic, one of the best reports cards of my high school career. And to my surprise I was on the ballot for best all around. I honestly didn’t think people would nominate me or think I was best all around. It was really refreshing to know that people think good of me, though that souds very self-concideted. Overall this week and weekend were good!


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