And the week is finally over.

Read Alouds:

 Mrs. Smith’s Incredible Storybook: By Michael Garland. This book would be a good book for teachers to read on the first day of kindergarden or first grade, to help play with the kids imagination. After you read the book a good activity you could do with them is have them write a story about their favorite scene from their favorite.

 All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome By Kathy Hoopman. I thought this read aloud was very interesting because it talked about the different symptoms of autism, but did so in a very unique way. This would be a good book for people to read as the department head to teachers so they understand the different symptons about autism. It was really interesting hearing Stephanies personal story about her brother Lou since I have known them for such a long time.

The Giving Tree By Shel Silverstein. I LOVE THIS BOOK!! This is a great book teachers could read about holidays such as mother’s day, or if you are doing a unit on heros. You could have them write a letter who they look up to and supports them the most. It would be a good assignment to practice writing letters.

Learning Experience:

This week we started our Special Education Unit, and this is probably my favorite unit so far. Learning about kids with disabilities brings back memories of when I was in Jamaica dealing with children with servere mental and physical disabilities. Since I want to help people with disabilities this is a really good lesson for me to understand more about procedures you have to do to help them. It always makes my decision of helping special needs that much easier!

Current Events:

There is a school up in New Jersey which is offering a new class to middle schoolers to help challenge their beliefs about sterotyping and how we all do. I think this class would be a great class to help the discrimination come to a miniumum to help the kids see that it is not about the skin color. We all sterotype the asians and indians and “school geniuses” and football players as the “dum ones”, which is not always as acurate as we may think it is.

Quote of the Week:

To teach is to learn twice.  ~Joseph Joubert, Pensées, 1842
This quote means that when you are teaching you are learning again, not only the material you are teaching but also about the children and their accomidations to you or your teaching style. You also learn more about different learning styles and how you can become a better teacher. Every year you are teaching you learn more about what you are doing and how to benefit not only you but your students as well.


This week on my swim team it was an interesting week because all the lexington guys are on my year round team and they won state two weeks back. So this week the news reporters and newspapers were at my practices interviewing all the swimmers. One of my good friends who won both of his individual events practices harder than anyone I know, so it was very rewarding to see him get such appraise. I realized that if you set your mind to it you can accomplish it, or get very close. You just have to work hard for what you want. Also on my swim team we did goal setting this week, for all the goals that we want to accomplish this year in the pool, and I used Jeffrey as an example about how if we all practice like him our goals will be easy to accomplish. I later realized that that’s how school is. My sisters who do not study as much as me do not make the same marks I make and I know they have to potential to make great grades, but they do not study enough. If they study harder and worked for what they wanted then they would get better marks and it would only be beneficial to themselves, in expanding their minds and bettering their grades.


This week was a good week although their was no FFF. The weeks go by so slow when we do not have something to look forward to on Friday. Another main problem is College Deadlines are approaching very soon and that means the stress if piling up on my from myself, parents, and colleges. Luckily we only have a couple more months of worrying about getting into college, then another leve of stress will be put on us.


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