homecoming week brings spirit to our school!

Read Alouds:

This week since it was a four day week and we had a guest speaker on Friday we only go to do one read aloud. And the read aloud we did was Clap Your Hands by Lorinda Bryan Cauley:  This book would be a good book for younger children. It had a lot of instructions in it like “clap your hands” and “stomp your feet” which would be perfect for the energetic students. I would use this book for students in the grades between kindergarden and fourth grade. It is a good book to help with following instructions, learning discipline, or a good book to just let the kids have fun! And be energetic when doing all the different activities.

Learning Experience:

This week we had to priviledge of listening to another Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Taylor. Though she was 8 and a half months pregnant she kept us entertained and was very energetic and fun to listen too. Since I want to take the field choice of Special Education I thought her lecture today was very inspiring. She showed us pictures of all of her students and some of her techniques for teaching the kids how to do some of their learning. She was a very inspiring teacher and I hope to one day be as inspiring as her.

Current Event:

Although this current event does not deal with education, it is a very prominent story in todays news. The miners in Chile were rescued this week. One by one each was taken out in a coffen like box. They were released close to a month and a half before the date they thought they would be able to get them out. The miners who were in the cave for almost 70 days all have to take serious psychological precautions since they have been cut off from society for over two months.



A teacher who is attempting to teach without inspiring the pupil with a desire to learn is hammering on a cold iron. – Horace Mann

This quote is significant in meaning that if teachers are not teaching to inspire they are not doing a good job of helping students become passonate and their job with as helpful and hammering on cold iron. Not at all.


This week it was homecoming week and each day had different themes, so it was interesting to see all the different students dress up in their interrupataions of the different days. Also by seeing those who dress up it helped to show who is outgoing and who is shy. Also at the homecoming the winners it was really interesting to watch MADELIN WARD win homecoming queen! Because all week she was nervous about it and seeing her happy as a little kid in a candy store was very good, because if anyone deserved homecoming queen it was madelin, for sure.


Althouth this week was a short week it seemed like it went on forever, and I blame the tenth graders! Because we did not have our late start it made wednesday go by painfully slow. On the brightside it was a good week for Dutch Fork High School with announcing the Homecoming winners, a Homecoming Win, and a successful Homecoming Dance.


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