and worrying about college begins…

Read Alouds:

Whiskey Speech by Noah S. Sweat:  In this read aloud Lawerence signed it while Sterling read it. I thought this read aloud is very interesting that he showed us a different way to a book, or speech. This reading would be good in a history class or public speaking because it’s an historical speech. I would probably get the students to write their own speech about something they believe in or have them debate a controversial topic of this generation. The Bracelet by Elizabeth Ballard:  This reading reminded me of Cypher in the Snow but instead it had a good ending. The teacher realized that she never bothered to get to know Teddy and his story and when she finally does she makes that connection with him that impacted him for  life. I would use this book in almost any level over 4th grade, and have the kids write an essay on who has impacted their life and why. The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans:  I thought this was a good excerpt from the story. It showed us what Christmas is suppose to be about. I would use this in my class around Christmas time and have every kid write about the holidays mean to them or you could also for the younger kids, who wouldn’t fully understand the meaning of the book right a story on what they want for christmas.

Learning Experiences:

This week in Teacher Cadets we worked on our learning styles lessons with our groups. And on Friday we shared our lessons with our class. My group Team CAKE had a fun time making the lesson about the 50 states using the different learning styles to accomidate for the different type of students in our class. Also to top it off it was fabulous food friday so we all got to eat dessert after lunch. The group that went this week did a good job and picking out the perfect desserts for this week. Also this week we had two visits from past teacher cadets to tell us about their school or to just come visit Mrs. Jackson.

Current Event:

A girl in NC was suspended because she has a nose ring, but she attends a public school and the nose ring is for her religion. I don’t think its right that a school could suspend her for a nose ring. At our school we see tons of nose rings around and none of our kids are getting suspended. It’s suppose to be the same principal because it is a public school.


Education should be exercise; it has become massage.  ~Martin H. Fischer

This quote is important because it shows that people are taking education for granted and are not fully using it to the advantage of exercising their mind. More and more people in todays society are taking education and using it as a privledge when it should be a mandatory thing. Like exercise, if you do not have an education you are hurting yourself and will eventually end up not how you want to be.


Calculas is by far one of the hardest classes I have taken(minus Pre-Calc). I am making my way towards understanding and Mrs. Lee has told us that it will take time for us to understand fully. And using what we have learned this week and I have observed in my Math class how Mrs. Lee accomidates for the different type of learning styles by using the different methods. Since I have learned the different type of styles and notice how the different people learn the information I feel like i know them in a teacher sense. Another big thing that i see around the school, only for the seniors is all we talk about is college! “Where do you want to go? Where did you apply? Are you applying here? What scholarships are you applying for?” All of these questions fill the air among all on my senior classes and noticing this made me realize that we are almost done! In less than a  year we will be on our own, for the most part. Without the traninig wheels we call parents.


This week was a good week overall. My high school swimming career is now over after we finished our HS state meet. Everyone did fabulous! And Fabulous Food Friday topped the week off in getting desserts from our fellow classmates. Hopefully I can take all i have learned this weekn and turn it into some good energy for finishing the year right!


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