Read Alouds:

Punctuation Celebration by Elsa Knight Bruno:  This book was cute because it used all of the punctuations you learn in elementary school and put it as a rhyming story. I would probably use this story in second grade. I would make my students write a short story using all the punctuations used in the book.

Learning Experiences:

Having the SC Teacher of the Year come and speak to us was a really cool experience. We got to see everything she did and the road she took to becoming teacher of the year which was really cool. It allowed for us to see what all we need to do if we want to be a successful, great teacher like her. (And what we got to do for a free bmw for a year.)

Current Event:

The guy who invented facebook donated 100 million dollars to a school district in New Jersey. This is a great thing because it helps to show how nice people can be and that there are school districts who are in desperate need of money.

Qoute of the Week:

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called “truth.”  ~Dan Rather

This quote is significant because it shows that a teacher is always there for you, believing in what you are doing and making sure you are understanding. It might be annoying but it is helpful and you will be thankful for it later.


Our Region Meet was this weekend and i saw two types of attitudes, the ones who wanted to be there and win and were nice about it and then the ones who had bad sportsman ship. The funny this is the kids who had to bad sportsmanship i knew on a personal level. So i was thinking i wonder why they are acting like that they shouldnt act like that i mean, it’s just a race. And then you look to the side and see how proud their parents are at them for placing top three in regions, which is an honor for underclassmen. It made me realize that the way people act, there is probably more to it then what you think. You should always be nice to people even if they aren’t always the nicest to you.


The past couple weeks for me and the week to come have all been very stressful weeks because of high school swimming, sat/act, school, and college applications. Its very frustrating having to deal with all that at one time and hopefully it gets better. I know it will get better as time goes by, but i also know there will be times when i will be more stressed out about swimming, college, and school. So much of that added together equals major breakdowns. But in the end i know it is gonna help me and make me a stronger person.



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