newberry here we come!

Read Alouds:

What Teachers Can’t Do by Douglas Wood: This story was good especially the illustrations. I would use this in an elementary classes because little kids like dinosaurs at that age. I could use this book to have kids write about things they can’t do and then switch to things that they are really good at doing. Snappy Sounds Boo by Derek Matthews: The pop-up pictures in this book were really interesting. I would use this in any classroom around Halloween time. I could use it in a lesson about onomatopoeias or have the students make their own pop-up book. It would be a fun illustration that we could do together as a class.

Learning Experiences:

This week we went to Newberry College for the teacher cadet convention. That was a cool experience just going to see a college and what their educational majors do in their college. We also got to meet with different teacher cadets from around columbia and all of the skits were good!

Current Event: In Texas teachers and parents are raising riots due to the fact that in new social studies book they want to put pro-Islamic beliefs and Anti-Christian beliefs as part of the material to learn. This is a very touchy subject because it has to do with religion.

Quote of the Week: “The Art of Teaching is the Art of Assisting Discovery”- Mark Van Doren. This quote is true becasue it helps show that teachers are just road maps to help students learn the material and become interested in that to help them explore more!

Observations: This week at the convention I made the observation that we are the largerst TC class in columbia by about 20. But more observations were that each TC class was their own little family and through the icebreakers we were allowed to almost break out of our little families and expand.


This was a good week for our class because we got to experience things that helped us expand our teacher hearts and we get to go from that and learn.

Annie Suarez


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One Response to newberry here we come!

  1. Mrs. Jackson says:

    You need to be writing more, Annie. Your comments and observations are minimal and lack much depth. Always remember this is a college course, and there are higher expectations. Even using high school standards, though, your blog is minimal.

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