A week’s filled with learning

Read Alouds: Oh the Places you Will Go By. Dr. Suess. ISBN 978-0-679-80527-4) was read by Madelin Ward. This book was a good book that most of us enjoyed growing up. This book would be especially good for teachers to read to their seniors, since it is a book about the places you will go. Its a good inspirational kid story that can be used at all ages. Also for elementary school kids this would be a good book you could use for a rhyming project, or during Dr. Suess week you could read this to them then have them find other Dr. Suess books. With any Dr. Suess book there is alot you can do, since he is such a profound writer. The other book we read was The Foolish Tortoise, By Richard Buckley ISBN of 10: 0887082688. This book is about a turtle that does not like who he is so he tries to change, but he finds out that he cannot change who he is and misses the things he was. This would be a good book to read for a class who is doing a project on themselves. They can write a paper on all the characteristics they have. They could also write a poem that ryhmes about themselves.

Learning Experiences: This week in TC we watched a documentary on the schools that are left behind in SC in the film Corridor of Shame. This video was an eye opening video. Although i had seen it in middle school the problems those schools face are still very relevent in there every day society. The film is a sad documentary. Today in class we took a test and watched another video that had to do with children left behinde and they are ignored at school. This was another sad film that showed that some kids come in and are almost invisble. The test we took in class today ended our segment on self-esteem, with five short answer questions dealing with self-esteem. Current Event: There was a new law in Orgeon that states that kids can use spell check for their writing exams if they are taking an online class, which brough some concerns to the board members, and parents because these kids are at an advantage to those who are not taking the online course and their possible disadvantage of getting points taken off for spelling. I don’t they they should be allowed to use spell check, because it should be a generalized thing for all students to have to same standards. http://www.eschoolnews.com/2010/09/15/spell-check-use-on-writing-exam-prompts-debate/

Qoute of the Week:

I believe that every human soul is teaching something to someone nearly every minute here in mortality. – M. Russell Ballard.

 This qoute is important because it shows that every person is a teacher whether they realize it or not, because every person has something to teach. Teaching can range from teaching someone to walk(parents) or teaching someone to help someone else in need. Every has the capability to teach.

Observations: This week we had a meet aganist Lexington and at the meet i got to see tons of my friends from year round swimming and got to watch other people swim in their events. On the way to the meet i sat next to a boy i have known my whole life, and we have talked before and I know he pretty well. But when we were driving to the meet i realized that i have seen him grow up and he has seen me grow up. It was really weird knowing that he has seen me and my bads and vice versa. This deals with teaching because through teaching you get to see kids grow up in the year and learn new things. You also see them on their bad days and good days, their accomplishments and their failures. Another thing I learned at this meet was friendship. It was Lexington’s senior night for their swimmers their was a big speech given for every senior and the accomplishments they have made throughout their career. Being friends with every single senior on their team i knew all the accomplishments being called but actually hearing them and knowing this is the LAST time i will ever swim Lexington in a dual meet is was eye opening in knowing that we are all grown up, and are all on our way to college, spreading and most likely won’t be together next year. Its sad to think about really, I almost cried, as all the other seniors were.

Reflections: This week was a good week for me, academically, athelitcally, and personally. Like i said above i learned many things at our swim meet on Wednesday and it helped me realize how fast time flys by. In school so far i have made good grades and have done pretty well with my time management. Athletically i did well, winning my individual events. Although our team did not win aganist Lexington we, as a team did well. We became more team spirited and bonded throughout the week.



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