Blog Number Three

Read Alouds:

Mrs. Spiters Garden , By. Edith Paltou, ISBN-  978-0-15-201978-5. Mrs. Spitzer’s Garden was a good book that was read by Elizabeth. It helped to show us about how one grows through the year, using the extended metaphor of flower, growing. This would be a good book to use to have a planting lesson in science or a writing lesson in english dealing with how you would like to grow through the year. The next book we read was Only One You By Linda Kranz, and ISBN of 978-0873589017. Abby Welden read this book to us and it would be a good book to do a creative writing lesson writing about what your fish would look like, and then have the kids draw a picture of what they think their fis looks like.

Learning Experience:

This week in class we worked more on our puppet shows and acts and then actually performed them on Friday. All of the acts by the groups were good acts that helped us learn more about self-esteem from different prospectives. The puppet show was a good experience and a fun experience.

Current Events: . This was a good article that talks about study skills and how to improve them. I agree with it, you shouldn’t study in the same place every time, its almost impossible to do that. And individual learning is hard to master by a teacher for every student, and with parents pushing their kids to do what they want they might possibly just hurting their child.

Qoute of the Week: “The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side”

This qoute is meaningful to me because it’s so true. It goes with teaching/learning because your around so many people a day who want different things, and then once they get it they don’t want it anymore. This is a good qoute for teachers to have on their wall because it pertains to everyday life.


Our classmates are starting to interact with people outside of the cliques and that’s really cool to see because it helps to show that they are starting to bring down their walls. In the school you still see the cliques and the mean people and the quiet people. Another thing I saw was at my swim meet the older kids on Spring Valley cheering for the younger kids. And Vice Versa. It was a good thing to see the different dynamics of a team, the diversity. The Team unity they had on their team made me realize that anyone can be friends with everyone.


This week was a good week and the read alouds helped me realize some stuff that I need to get done. Our F cubed day was a good food friday with tons of yummy treats. Hopefully next week is just as good as this week was.



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  1. Mrs Jackson says:

    Great blogs, Annie!

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