week two = success

This week in teacher cadets we read, I’m Gonna Like Me, The Race, and an excerp from the book Tasia read, Under The Moon.

Read Alouds:

I’m Gonna Like Me was written by Jamie Lee Curtis and its ISBN number is 9780060287610. This book would be a good book to use for the study of rhymes, or a good book to have in guidance. It helped with building up self-esteem and learning that you must always like yourself, using a rhyming scheme. The Race was written by D.H Groberg doesn’t have an ISBN becaue it is just a poem. This would be a good poem to help build up someones self-esteem teaching them that you must always try, try again. This poem also had a rhyming scheme that would also be a good lesson for rhyming. Under the Moon was written by Mel Bey Hase with an ISBN of 9780786666232. This was a good book that could be used for any age group, which shows students that everyone is under the moon and that everyone has something in common. It could be used to show students how to use imagination, by looking at all the photos.

Learning Experience:

Through the week we learned about self-esteem and how to prevent/ catch it. We learned about all the different ways for a child to become self conscience. We are working on a fun project dealing with self-esteem. My group is doing a puppet show based off the tv series Hey Arnold.

Current News:

Some educational current events is the news about making school days longer, to make some students CPS students. By making the school days longer it would make the school year shorter, helping summer also be longer for the students. <http://www.ednews.org/>

Quote of the Week:

‎”move along. I believe there’s something beautiful.”-Great Big Sea
This quote is a quote to help inspire students to move along, after something has happen. Because everything happens for  a reason. If you fail a test maybe that was news for you to wake up and try harder, to pass your next test.
In our class we saw tons of baked goods on Friday, for F^3. All the food was delish!  But i also saw students interact with each other that don’t normall talk, like in our small groups. I know i talked to some people i don’t normally talk to. In the hall ways i saw cliqs form and students form into those cliqs.
This week i learned more about self-esteem and all the some things that work towards breaking down someones self-esteem.
peace.love. and TEACHER HEARTS!

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