First Blog = Practice

Read Alouds

In class we read Through the Cracks, One, First day of School, and My Losing Season. Through the Cracks is written by Carolyn Sollma and has an ISBN of (9780871922939). This book was good, i would not have read it to little kids because it is a very long book and you would have lost their interest in the book. The age i would read it to would be kids who are older starting a new school, or in guidance or of course, TEACHER CADETS.

The Second book we read was My Losing Season is written by Pat Conroy and has a ISBN of (9780385489126). I would read this passage to kids either entering high school or middle school. To help prepare them for my type of teaching. This was a good passage that shows kids that teachers can be inspiring and shows us as Teacher Cadets that we need to be inspiring as teahers.

The Third book we read was The First Day of School written by (9780962936029): Harry K. Wong, Rosemary T. Wong: Books. This would be a good book to read in kindergarten. This would be a good book to help them let go of their fears of the first day of school. This was a good book which is a realistic read, because every kid in kindergarten has that fear of how their day will go and the fear of not knowing anyone.

And the last book we read was read by Stephanie and it was called One by Kathryn Otoshi  and a pin of (9780972394642). This book would be a good book to read to any age group because the message is so strong. A good place to have this book would be in guidance where if there was a problem you could have them read this book and let them realize that it only takes one person to make a difference.

Learning Experiences.

In TC we discussed great traits of great teachers and our class came up with inspiring, sense of humor, organized, and confident. You only have a handful of great teachers in your life that make a difference and to be a great teacher you have to have traits that all the other teachers lack. We also learned more about out fellow teacher cadets sharing our quilt squares. On Thursday we also read the story of the Pot which introduced us to the topic of self-esteem.

Current Event.

My Current Event was the event I did for my self-esteem homework, which talked about the self-esteem problems in high schools and how televison and other kids in the school effect it. Self-esteem is a huge problem today in schools. Some which end tragic with death, or depression.


In the hall ways at school you see kids walking to class alone, or in the cafeteria alone. Things like this you do not want to have to see, everyone should at least have one friend, one true friend who is there for them and helps them. When I am dealing with the little kids i do not want to see any kids being loners all by themselves. Another problem I saw was when i was working with the little kids at Ballentine all of the kids had phones or ipods, not wanting to interact with the other kids, and the only interactions they did were because of their phones or ipods. I do not want to see the yound kids of America become the new generation of technology, that was already taken by our generation. They do not need phones, who do they have to talk to. Their vocabulary has not even fully developed which means that the usage of phones is going to decrease their vocabulary through all of the abbreviations.


Through this week i learned about the different types of traits teachers could have which would make them good teachers, and also about my fellow teacher cadets. The personal growth i gained was learning about the different traits and how other people react to the different traits.


-annie suarez


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One Response to First Blog = Practice

  1. Mrs. Jackson says:

    LOVED your first blog, Annie, and I am looking forward to watching your teacher heart grow this year.
    A+ 100

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